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More sensitive diagnostic kits for sepsis, coronavirus and other human conditions, such as cancer.

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SOMAprobes diagnostic innovations powered by nucleases

The technological opportunity represented by SOMAprobes leverages these nucleases as diagnostic markers in the design of devices for in vitro diagnostics, and especially in clinical applications such as sepsis and detection of viruses such as Coronavirus.
SOMAprobes technology has the capability to identify patients with active coronavirus infection, using a saliva sample in less then one hour




Company foundation

I+D + Financial award

Based on many years of research on the biology of nucleases and the use of oligonucleotides for clinical applications,

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SOMAprobes co-founders, Frank Hernandez, PhD and Luiza I. Hernandez, PhD discover the utility of nuclease activity as biomarker for detection of bacterial infections and cancer. These findings along with the sound expertise in business development and corporate strategy of Miguel Mulet, PhD, MBA (co-founder) lay the foundation of SOMAprobes company (San Sebastian, Spain) with the aim of developing commercial products based on this technology.

SOMAprobes was awarded for the best business idea by BIC Gipuzkoa and the Government of Basque Country, receiving a financial support of 50K €.



SOMAprobes designs and validates a tailored nucleic acid probe for bacteria detection for several in vitro and in vivo applications.


Improvements and

Financial growth

SOMAprobes adapts the technology for the detection of nuclease activity in LFA strips.
SOMAprobes receives the seal of 
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excellence from the European Commission (SME Phase 1) and a national grant of 94K € from the Horizonte PYME Programme.


Financial grant and

prototyping technology

SOMAprobes receives a national grant of 208K € in the framework of the NEOTEC-CDTI Programme from the Spanish 
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Innovation Agency to implement the company business plan. This allows SOMAprobes to develop and validate in-house the first prototype of its technology.

SOMAprobes investigate the possibility of integrating into the test strip, the detection of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. A patent application EP17382590.2 Lateral flow assay for detecting the presence of a specific mammalian cell or bacteria in a biological sample is submitted to EPO.


International Patent

SOMAprobes demonstrates the feasibility of integrating the detection of bacteria and its resistance to antibiotics in a LFA strip.
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An International Patent Application (PCT/EP2018/073525-Lateral flow assay for detecting the presence of a specific mammalian cell or bacteria in a biological sample) is submitted to EPO to protect the IPR of the SOMAprobes innovation.



SOMAprobes identifies a novel biomarker for sepsis, named BERRIA, based on its technology of harnessing the biology of nucleases using nucleic acid probes.

Financial growth and


March 2020 SOMAprobes receives 250K € from Fundación Biozientziak Gipuzkoa to carry on the clinical validation phase of
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SOMAprobes is awarded with the EIC Pilot 2020 (1.4 Million grant and 2 Million in equity-under negotiacions).


NuSep is a diagnostic test for sepsis based on the detection of nuclease activity.


NuCor is a rapid lateral flow immunoassay test intended for detecting active infections with coronavirus, including SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. The test is performed with self-collected saliva samples.